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 Q. How many cue stick do you have right now?
 A. One... Not only me, but also any other great players that have only cue stick.
 Q. So, if you've problem with your cue during match such as broken cue tip, what would you do?
A. If that problem comes up during my practice, that would be fine because it can be replaced But, if it happen during match, referees would allow some time to fix it. But, I 've never run across to this kind of problem because I always make my cue tip thick. It will take a day for me to get acquaint with my new cue tip in case I need to replace it. Unlike that of Ronnie which he can play immediately because it's already made to have a right thickness for the tip.
Q. If you lost your cue stick during your tournament season, what would you do?
A. Crying... : P...( I make up)... Actually, I've never had this kind of problem, but if I did, it would give me such a clumsy day... for sure.. Like I said earlier, there is no cue that suits yourself better than the one you're using.
Q. If someone offer you a high price for your cue, will you sell it?
 A. As long as I am a professional player, I wouldn't sell my cue no matter how much money they offer to me... In the past, some came to offer to buy my cue, but I refused because my career totally depends on it. And, I'm really unsure if I did, I would play well on my new cue.
 Q. If I want you to compare a cue as a part of human body, which part would you compare it to?
 A.I think it could be compared as mind... Because snooker really depend on confidence... If you didn't have a good mind, you wouldn't play well for sure. And if you don't feel confidence because of your cue stick, you will hardly to play snooker.
 Q. Do you think how important a cue is for playing snooker?
 A. In my opinion, everything must be united.. High confidence, cue stick, you couldn't separate them... No matter how expensive your cue stick is, you can't play well or beat other well players if you lack the unity of your stick and yourself.



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