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Some Screen Shots from Thailand Master Open 1999
His opponent in the tournament
Ken, with not so top form
in the first round,
but still beated James at the second round
Ongoing Game
The game was ongoing
James with frownzy face
Just an expressing face with new hairstyle
Deep Breath
Some says he has a tigerlike eye.
Canon Shot
Not for sure wheter this one, James did make it or not.
I'd make it
Just his cue strokes.
Tough decision
Hesitant decision
Ken's action
Slow but sure
Almost scratch
No Problem for blue even it was pretty straight
Crowd screamed for his terrific straight blue shot
This was turn around shot. He would have won, if he potted the pink one in
He was not lost to Ken, he just losted to this tough shot

Damn it.. I know how James felt
Another frownzy face
Forget it!! and wait for a chance
Nice spirit
Always, be a nice part of snooker game

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