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Grand Prix 3R 1-5 Mark King
UK 3R 8-9 Gary Wilkinson
German 1R 2-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
Welsh 2R 4-5 Greame Dott
Scottish 3R 0-5 Martin Clark
Thailand Open 2R 4-5 Ken Doherty
British 3R 4-5 Rod Lawler
World 1R 9-10 Fergal O'Brien.
From WWW Snooker

1997-1998 Season Still be the world no.12 for another year as the result of reaching just the semifinal round of 1997 Embassy World.

Wattana's performance in this season was totally poor and not impressive when the deeptest round he reached was just the third rounds

In Thailand Open, I think many Thais still remember when James lost 4-5 after leading Ken Doherty 4-0. As his fan, I was totally dissappointed by the result...

And, again in the 1998 World Championship, Wattana would have gone to the second round, but as a matter of fact, he didn't, defeated 9-10 by Fergal O'Brien.

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