Let's conclude how James performed in this tournament since his first match

First Match (last 64 round)

James Wattana met Mark Fenton from Wales. In this match, Fenton led James 3-0 for the first three frames. However,Wattana who is likely to be a slow starter, squeezed his form out in the next five frames by winning five frames continously to have a 5-3 victory over Fenton.

Wattana claimed that in this match he made a lot of mistakes in the first few frames and he believed that he would do better in the next round against Jimmy White

The frame scores are following: 31-81,7-73,36-68,107-7,81-40,85-18,74-56,67-10

Second Match (last 32 round)

Wattana and White...for years that James playing snooker. He played Jimmy White 25 times and he won 14 times out of them. This time James met White again in the last 32 round which certainly, they both want a victory in this match to assure their good ranking.

In the first two frames, each got one frame, but in the next three frames, Wattana got all the way through to lead at 4-1. White who had a problem with his cue after the second frame took deep breath and fought back to stand at 4-3. And, finally the last game came to play when in the eighth frame Wattana produced a 72 break

White also wished James for a victory in the deeper round.

The frame scores are following: 17-72, 60-52, 56-64, 0-86 (55), 0-71 (68), 66-39, 73-15 (50), 27-72 (72)

Third Match (last 16 round)

In the first four frames, those frames were shared equally between James and John. Wattana led 1-0 with a 71 break, but in the second frame, Higgins made a 103 century break to level at 1-1. In the third frame, this frame so far seemed to be in James's pocket, but somehow he missed after producing a break of 58, and Higgins never let this chance away stealing this frame from James with the score 70- 58.

Wattana proved himself again when he leveled at 2-2. Two frames later Higgins left him behinds 2-4 frames, need only one frame to win the match.

Wattana who got nothing to lose, in seventh frame, he got this frame by very closely winning 50-49 came back to stand one frame behind. Luck would not be in James'side for long. In the next game, he just sat and shaked Higgins's hand after Higgins's nice 132 clearance to establish 5-3 victory over James.

a double-century blast to send James Wattana

The frame scores are following: 1-108(71), 103(103)-0, 70-58(58), 44-74(56), 72(56)-48, 74(61)-32, 49-50, 132-0

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