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Thailand Classic 2R 4-5 Dave Finbow
Grand Prix 3R 3-5 Fergal O'Brien
UK 3R 8-9 Andy Hicks
German 2R 2-5 Rod Lawler
Welsh 1R 4-5 Terry Murphy
International 1R 3-5 Michael Judge
European 1R 3-5 Anthony Davies
Thailand Open QF 4-5 Alan McManus
British 2R 4-5 Tony Knowles
World 2R 4-13 Nigel Bond
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Wattana and Nigel Bond in 1996 Embassy World

Wattana and Nigel Bond in 1996 Embassy World

1995-1996 Season Wattana dropped to the wolrd number 5 in this season. He started this season by losing at the second round of Thailand Classic to Dave Finbow, 4-5.

The deepest round that James got through in this season is the quater final of Thailand Open and the guy who beat James was the conquer of this tournament, Alan McManus.

So, after Thailand Open, Wattana remained two main tournaments that can determine his ranking in the next season, the British Open and Embassy World. James's defeat to Tony Knowles in the British Open, was just about luck which seemed that it was on Tony's side by getting last black in luckily even though his intention for that shot was solely to defend.

And, the last tournament came into play; destiny still played around James when losing to Nigel Bond, 4-13 at the second round of Embassy World. All over the match, Wattana missed several critical shots which costed him game after game until the match. This resulted in his ranking dropping from 5 to 12 in the next season

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