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Wattana holding two trophies of 1992 Humo Master and World Matchplay

Arriving home with the 1992 Humo Master and World Macthplay trophies From Cue Thong Magazine


In February, Wattana met Hendry again in the final round of the 1993 Benson& Hedges Master. Hendry nailed James another time with the score 9-5.

And James ended this season with all the best he could do by just reaching the semi final of 1993 Embassy World Championship. Despite leading Jimmy White 5-0, he was eventually beaten 9-16.

1992-1993 Season Before beginning this season, Wattana had a chance to warm up in a snooker league put on by his main sponsor NesCafe' against top players such as Jimmy White John Parrott, Tony Drago, and David Roe.

Wattana started this season at the wolrd number 7. James could not come any closed to victory at the begining of this season. Until in the 1992 Dubai Duty Free Classic, he got a chance to prove against Hendry in the semi-final round. This time James would have almost got Hendry, losing at very closed score 5-6.

When December came, that was another time for James to lift up a trophy again. He won the 1992 Coalite World Matchplay by beating Darren Morgan 9-7, John Parrott 9-3, Alan McManus 9-3, and Steve Davis 9-4 in the final round. And, this is the first victory that James can win the tournament when the match was televised back to his country, pleasing millions of Thais who watched his match during the time that Thais are supposed to sleep.

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