James's defeat 7-13.. in his 1999 Embassy World Championship
Wattana ended his Embassy World Championship in this season with the defeat 7-13 by Stephen Hendry. The second session finished at Hendry's 9-7 lead even in this session James produced another century brake 110, his third century brake in this tournament, but it didn't resist the former World Championship Stephen Hendry.

Hendry came back in the last session and won four out of the last 9 frames, resulting in his proceeding to the quater final...against Matthew Stevens, who beat Malta based Tony Drago 13-8.

For James, it's just another ending of the season which is not quite impressive..., but at least, we can see that in this tournament, he did his best... defeating Marco Fu, who is the hottest newcomer of this year, in the first round and three century brakes in this tournament are evident.

James Levels at 4-4 with another century brake (130)
James Wattana levels at 4-4 after the first 8 frames of the second round in 1999 Embassy World Championship. James's 130 clearance in the 8 th frame is his second century brake in this tournament, 136 in the first round against Marco Fu.

The second round started with Hendry's leading 1-0. But, in the next two frames, James fought back to level and led at 2-1 with the framses'scores,69-46 and 79-38 respectively. Soon after James's lead, Hendry leveled at 2-2 and produced 65 and 74 brakes in the 5th and 6th frame, leaving James behind two frames. Hendry continued to move forward to win the 7th frame, but unfortunately, he missed a straightforward red, allowing James to clear the balls till the brown. James missed a blue shot, giving Hendry a better chance to win the game by clearing the last three balls of the game. Again, Hendry missed the black and costed his the frame. James came close to 4-3 and ended the session with the clerance of 130 in the 8th frame, resulting in the score 4-4.

The game will be resumed on Monday 2.30 PM.

James VS. Henday in 1997 Embassy Championship
Back in 1997 Embassy World Championship, James Wattana met Stephen Hendry in the semifinal round which the result was James's defeat with the score 13-17 even though in the first session, the session finished at 8-8.

After match resumed, in the 17 th frame, James had chance to lead 9-8, but he missed a vital shot, causing Hendry to win the frame. And, in the 18 th frame, seeminly, James could close the score gap to level at 9-9 even though he led 53-0. But, Hendry got a lucky pink shot causing him to run the table, leading 10-8. Hendry continued to ourperform James in the 19th and 20 th, leaving James far behind, 12-8.

In the next two games, James fought back to stand at 10-12 with the frames'scores, 77-8 and 75-0, respectively. After that James could not even get any chance, Hendry still moved forward resulting in leading 14-10, 15-11 and 15-13, even in the 27 and 28th were won by James.

The turning point of the game was in the penultimate 29th frame, James defended his turn pretty neat while the red balls were spread out on the table causing Hendry hesitated between potting and defending.. Either way is a 50-50 for Hendry; he decided to pot and he missed it... Luckily, the red ball ran into the pocket because of another red, letting Hendry to produce a 114 brake in this game and giving him high confidence to win the match.

Finally, the end of the match came into the play of the 30th frame when James led Hendry 56-1, but he missed the vital red shot causing Hendry to catch up to 56-56. At that moment, there were only the blue, pink, and black on the table and Hendry didn't let James an easy shot for the rest of balls, resulting him the place in the final against Ken Doherty.

Translated From Cue Thong..Magazine

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