James Wattana or "Thai Tornado", is the first Asian player who has accomplished in professional tournaments so far.

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Major Achievements

James Wattana (Tong Sitchoi)
22 after 1998/99 WorldChampionship
January 17, 1970
Bangkok, Thailand
Has won three ranking titles:

  • 1993 Strachan Professional
  • 1994 Thailand Open
  • 1995 Thailand Open.

Born in Bangkok in the area known as "Klong Tei", James Wattana showed crowd his snooker talent since the age of ninth. Even though his height was not enough to pot the balls on the table, standing on a soda crate is the way for him to reach the table and gain experience by that time. Supported by his family who own snooker clubs, James got a better chance to meet other well players who came to play at his club and who often shared him tactics of snooker.

James started to gain reputation from Thai crowd when he won several main tournaments held in Thailand and Asian countries. But one of his major success which inspired him to turn pro is the crown of World Amateur Championship gained in 1988.

In the year later, James turned to play professional tournaments. Within two years, he moved aggressivly from the hundreds of ranking to the top 32 players of the World. But, the first success came into play when he won the 1992 Strachan Professional. Along with this trophy, he got another from the invitational tournament, World Matchplay Championship by defeating Steve Davis 9-4

Until 1993/94 season, James reached the top four, being the third after Hendry, Steve. This was basically contributed by the victory of the1994 Thailand Master Open. He still kept his crown of Thailand Master Open in the year later, by beating Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-6. Since then, James has never won any tournaments. Currently, his performance is being considered to be far out of his standard.


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