jcuetitle.jpgCue Thong Magazine where I got this interview For a snooker player, a cue is somewhat important as his life. Many great players in the world have their cue sticks and mostly, have only one. Unlike other sports such as Tennis that players can have additional rackets for them to switch during their performance. Rarely do snooker players change their cues during match except replacing their cue tips. This is because of different sticks totally mean another story. Some world snooker player such as Joe Swail, who once lost his cue stick, his performance really dropped down by that time. Or, in case of Stephen Hendry's cue stick was stolen, he needed to buy it back from the thief for such a high price. At least, this can tell us about how much the players really care for their cue sticks.

For Thai Tornado James Wattana, he has used several cue sticks before the current one. The following is the interview on James Wattana's cue stick by Nong Lek from Cue Thong Magazine, which I really like to share this English version by me for the rest of the world who can't read Thai.

 Q. First of all, I'd like to ask you when you started playing snooker.
 A. Since 9 yrs old by that time I needed to stand on a soda crate to pot the balls
 Q. When did you start having your real own stick?
 A. Actually, that one is not real stick but it's just my house stick which I took it as my own by that time.
 Q. How long did you use that house cue stick?
 A. If I remembered correctly, it would be about three years. But, that cue was one of my good cue and cheap about 200-300 baht ($6 US.dollar)
 Q. And, why did you quit using that one? Many world players such as Hendry and Doherty still use the same cues since they started to play.
 A. Umm... I didn't take much good care of that cue... because when I played I like to do some touch up with sand paper and this caused the cue unshaped some time later.
 Q. How about your present cue, where did you get it?
 A. I've used my present cue for 5 yrs old now ( by the time the interview was made on 1997) I got it from a English cuemaker during the invitational tournament in England. He saw that my cue was not quite in shape so he gave me this one which I really like it I am not sure about the brand of the cue, somewhat like FRAME ONE or FRAME CUE.
 Q. What is the length and weight of this cue when you first got it ?
 A. It seemed to be longer and heavier than now. But, now it about 17 ounce and 54.5 inches long.



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