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 Q. Don't you like to try Thai made cue?
 A. I really don't care whether they are made inside or outside country as long as they suit myself.
 Q. How long will you use this cue?
 A. I don't know how long I will use this case... It really depends on its condition whether by that time is crooked or not and if I find the new one later time which suits myself more than this one, I might change.
 Q. Why do you like to use a small cue tip, seem like your tip is smaller than 9.5mm?
 A. It might be because I started playing snooker by using the small-tip cue. Some might say they can't play on the tiny cue tip like mine. On the other hand, I can't play on a big tip cue either; I wouldn't see the shot quite good if I used it.
Q. How do you maintain your stick?
 A. Just keep it in a cue case. But if staying in Thailand, be careful not to leave cue on cars because high temperature will cause the cue to be crooked. Anyway, it's hardly to find a 100% straight cue... I guess... The one I use now is crooked either but the thing that makes me can play on this cue is the acquaintance.
 Q. Is that necessary to have a cue case?
 A. Definitely Yes, for professional players because we need to carry it with us all the time and if I didn't have it; it would be very very inconvenient for us to travel. Also, it helps protect our cue sticks.


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